Travelling between New England and Canada

If you live in the New England area then the idea of travelling to Canada has probably crossed your mind. While travelling between New England and Canada is a great experience here are 5 things to know before taking the plunge.

  1. You can cruise to your destination: There are a wide-range of tourist packages that plan New England-Canada cruises. These packages offer grand scenes along the North-eastern coast of the United States and Canada. It is truly an amazing option while travelling between the borders and also an experience worth living.
  1. Cruising a different way: You can always go on a trip through the borders if you’re up for it. The scenes definitely make the entire trip feel worthwhile- especially if you go during the travelling season. There’s also the option of going on an 11-day train ride across the two countries, which is just as beautiful and a lot less tiring.
  1. But when is travelling season?: Fall is the preferred time to move between the countries as the Autumn-kissed trees make for beautiful views in both Canada and across New England. This is the time of year when cruises are running through the coastline and the airways and the roads are at their busiest. If you’re planning on travelling between the two countries, you can’t miss the colours of fall.
  1. Similar yet different: The fact that parts of Canada shares a border with parts of New England means they’re extremely close geographically. This connectivity leaves both places with a similar-but-different kind of taste to everything, which might be exactly what travellers are looking for.
  1. If you decide to fly: The Canadian government has excused the requirement for an American citizen to hold a tourist visa or an electronic travel authorization and your US passport should be enough to get through to the Canadian side of the border. Regardless of your method of travelling it is best to make sure you have a government-issued ID that’s handy.

Travelling between New England and Canada can be a great trip and a beautiful journey. So, you might want to take the plunge during your next vacation (if you haven’t already!).

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