Tracy McGrady isn't so high on the Celtics right now

Tracy McGrady isn't so high on the Celtics right now

If you like to hear what old washed up NBA stars have to say about this year's Boston Celtics squad, then this should be exciting for you.

The Boston Celtics are having a good season by any stretch imaginable. It's fair to say they have underperformed and the best example of this was their loss to the Phoenix Suns this week. Come on, that team only had like eight wins headed into that game. Really not their best stuff.

So now, Tracy McGrady is pouring salt into that wound. He was on ESPN's "The Jump" and weighed in on the C's season thus far.

"I think (Celtics fans) should be worried. This team has lost their mojo," he said. "And I don't know if it's their defensive efficiency, offensively they haven't looked the same. I thought 30 games into the season, I would see the team that I saw last year, and that hasn't been quite the answer.

"And I'm afraid that they won't get it together, and I think it may be because they have too much pressure on them to really duplicate what they did last year and exceed past that because they have everybody back healthy. I don't know what's going on with them. They don't seem the same."

Oh yeah, because everyone back and healthy is so realistic. Al Horford has missed eight of the last 12 games. Gordon Hayward is still recovering from his injury--even if his body is on the court--and Aron Baynes is out for about a month with that broken hand.

Health is never a guarantee in the game of basketball, but teams need to keep producing regardless.

So there you have it: T-Mac threw out an Austin Powers mojo reference and doesn't have much confidence in the team. Let's hope he's wrong.

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