Top 3 Red Sox players that could play for the Patriots

What’s up Chowdaheadz. On Wednesday, Julian Edelman attended Red Sox batting practice, hitting a few homeruns and even fielded some ground balls. This just proves how good of an athlete he truly is. Well, I’m here to break down the other side of this. This is the top 3 Red Sox players that could play for the New England Patriots.

3. Jackie Bradley Jr.- CB

With his speed and athleticism, JBJ would make an unbelievable corner back. His quick feet, and eye for the ball would rally help him out on the coverage.

RedSox at Orioles 4/3/14


2. Hanley Ramirez- LB

With his size and above average speed, Hanley could clog up the inside and wreak some havoc for running backs.

Hanley Ramirez plays catch during batting practice at Yankee Stadium.


1. Mookie Betts

Speed, quickness and hands. Don’t really need to say much more about this All-Star. This guy has miles and miles of heart and the athleticism to hang in there with some of the best athletes in the world.

Red Sox at Orioles 04/24/15



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