Tom Brady sets NFL all-time TD passing record (playoffs count!)

Tom Brady sets NFL all-time TD passing record (playoffs count!)

Let's be honest: Sunday was not a fun day for the New England Patriots (even though Sunday fun day rhymes and all that).

Any time a team loses on the last play because the other team does a bunch of laterals and Rob Gronkowski is playing safety for some reason, it's not going to go so well. Anyways, let's just forget about that loss for the time being because the Patriots are 9-4 on the year and in first place. Not to mention, New England Patriots legend Tom Brady actually had a pretty awesome achievement in that bout.

Brady slung his 580th career touchdown pass against the Dolphins, besting Peyton Manning's all-time touchdown passing record (579). And yes, this does include playoff games--because the playoffs matter more than the regular season. This isn't like Ichiro counting his Little League hits in an attempt to one up Pete Rose. This is a real accomplishment.

The record came on a 2-yard pass to Julian Edelman in the second quarter which put the Patriots up 12-7.

It's a pretty huge achievement even if the Patriots don't want to acknowledge it because they only care about wins and losses (as they should). But Patriots fans need to appreciate every moment Tom Brady has left because there's never been a quarterback quite like him.

We could go through every single one of his achievements, but there's not enough time in the day and Google (as well as a handful of inferior search engines) exists, so people can use one of those if they want to know all about that stuff.

But yeah, the Patriots season is going well and Brady is doing great. There's not really much else to say other than that--because it would be stating the obvious and no one really likes that kind of thing.

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