Tom Brady sends cryptic tweet about his future

Tom Brady sends cryptic tweet about his future

Alright, I guess we are going to have to speculate the heck out of this one because there's not really any hard data that could be used here to calculate some super educated take.


Tom Brady has had a Twitter account since April 1, 2019--and he's pretty great at Twitter, honestly. You kind of expect it because he's a full blown winner, but some athletes just don't have it. Brady does. He also knows how to get people provoked, if you will...

So Brady tweets out a few different pictures of himself practicing at OTAs (wearing sweatpants, for some reason, even though it's June). And this is the freakin caption he used, "Treat my first like my last, and my last like my first!”



What is that supposed to mean!?

Is he talking about seasons? Is he going to shock the world and pull a Rob Gronkowski? You know, just retiring from football and devastating all of the fans.

Or... and here us out on this one, does he mean he values every day he has on the gridiron and on this earth because it is so valuable?

These seem to be two of the more plausible stances. We're not gonna buy the "my phone got hacked" or whatever as this is a perfectly sensible tweet. The question remains, however, what exactly he meant by it.

He's done a lot for these parts, so it would be sad to see him go, that's for sure.
It's bound to happen eventually, but the big question is: when? This guy is mortal, but will it be this year, next year, in five years or in 10 years?

No one knows. Perhaps our best bet is for a bunch of fans to pin Brady down and start tickling him until he answers the question.

No. Seriously. If you see him out, probably best to let him be or just say "hi"... don't actually do that.

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