Tom Brady scares the hell out of us on Instagram

Admit it, Tom Brady is killing the social media game, but you almost have to worry about the star New England Patriots quarterback killing himself when he does anything that seems the least bit dangerous.

Seriously, we all want Brady in bet by 9 p.m., for him to drink his juice, do all the right things and never risk anything in this life. If he could just spend the entire offseason wrapped up in bubble wrap, that would be great. And yeah, that would be for his own good. Want to keep him safe. Most Patriots fans would have a heart attack if they ever saw him do anything risky. Never want him to do anything stupid/risky you know, like skiing:

If you french fry when you're supposed to pizza, you're gonna have a bad time! Trust me!!!

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Sorry for the heart attack. Yes, that is Tom Brady on skis. That’s Tom Brady wiping out on skis. That’s scary as hell. And if there’s a time to call him an idiot, this would be it.

Not sure if TB12 realizes this, but in 1967, the Boston Red Sox were pretty good. Jim Lonborg won the Cy Young. Jim Lonborg essentially ruined his career with a skiing injury. He was never the Cy Young caliber pitcher he once was. Cost him a potential Hall of Fame career, possibly.

Hell, I was talking to a guy in the New York-Penn League (the league the Lowell Spinners are in, but it wasn’t a guy on the Spinners) this season, who had skiing listed in his hobbies in his college athletic bio. Anyways, the dude told me it was in his contract he wasn’t allowed to ski (because MLB thinks its dangerous).

As long as TB12 shows up, does his thing and wins football games, nothing else should matter. If he gets hurt on his own time, he lets us all down. But if not, it’s his life.

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