Tom Brady reveals who he would like to play him in a movie

Tom Brady reveals who he would like to play him in a movie

Would you watch a movie about Tom Brady?

Of course you would. The guy is a legend. Best quarterback of all-time. That would be quite something given the career he has had to date. He went from being a high school baseball prospect to a guy who fought for the starting quarterback job at Michigan as a senior to a sixth round draft pick to the Patriots starting quarterback and then the greatest ever. That's some pretty impressive.

So, say that were made into a motion picture, who would play Tom Brady. Well, here's what he had to say in a recent interview:

“I’m going with Mark Wahlberg,” Brady declared in his weekly Westwood One radio appearance. “A Boston legend, (from) Dorchester, one of the just ‘grind it out’ kind of guys.”

Uhhh... What? I really don't think Wahlberg can do Brady's looks and talent justice. They don't really look like one another (I don't really know who does look like Brady, so that is an obstacle in itself). He doesn't really have the height to play Brady either, so you'd need a bunch of short people around him in the movie.

Like whoever ended up playing Rob Gronkowski would probably be like 5-foot-10 and if we're getting nuts, you might as well have Brian Doyle Murray play Bill Belichick. I really can't see that working out, but that's pretty much the equivalence here.

So yeah, maybe Brady can do us all a favor and rethink this one. Obviously, he was trying to appeal to the Boston crowd--and that is respectable--but he should not be selling himself so short. He can do better than Wahlberg, come on. And this isn't even an attack on Wahlberg--it's more just about how great TB12 is and all that. So yeah, do better, Mr. Brady.

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