Tom Brady not worried about his shoulder

If you trust Tom Brady, then you have reasons to feel really good about him right now.

There might be some concern out there because there was some news that broke about a Tom Brady shoulder sprain. Well, it’s on his left shoulder–which is not his throwing shoulder–so he can still play with it.

He seemed to tell the media–crooked and not crooked–that he’ll absolutely be playing

“I’m good,” he said in his weekly presser. “I’m not worried about it. Yeah, I’ll be there Sunday. Don’t worry about that. I’ll be there,” Brady declared. “I think everybody does [play with injuries and pain]. I mean, there’s a lot of bumps and bruises over the course of a year. So, I’m not concerned.”
The big concern some might have is that Brady is getting hit a lot this season. That’s never a good sign. Getting hit in football really hurts a lot–and it has happened to Brady 32 times in five games this season. At that rate, injuries have to be a concern for the 40-year-old, no matter how many avocado ice creams he eats (I know, that’s a dessert, so it’s rare)

Even if this isn’t peak Patriots, Brady is still having an excellent year. His 68.2 percent completion rate with just one interception in five games confirm that statement.

One does have to wonder, however, if taking all of those hits will end up having any sort of impact on the length of his career. So pretty much Brady needs better pass protection. Not sure he can do five more years getting hit at an unprecedented rate. That’s how dudes get hurt.

Now, the Patriots are at a crossroads here. They’ve got a big game this upcoming Sunday against a half decent New York Jets team. At 3-2. They have a chance to fall to mediocrity or keep something decent going in weeks moving forward.

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