Tom Brady gives up on Deflategate

It. Is. All. Over.

Deflategate is a done deal. And yes, New England Patriots fans, it went exactly the way you didn’t want it to: Tom Brady decided he would not be going any further fighting the case. He is going to sit out the first four games. He will be suspended four a quarter of the season because his team beat the Indianapolis Colts by 39 points with four rushing touchdowns in the 2015 AFC Championship game and the air pressure in a couple footballs was a little less than it should have been. Makes total sense because if he used perfectly good footballs, it wouldn’t have changed the fact that Andrew Luck had a bad game.

This one stopped being about Brady along time ago. No, this is about Roger Goodell and him thinking he has unlimited power. Just an ego move. That’s all.

Brady decided it might just be better to let go, take the four game suspension and move on. Kind of a tough move for him to make. But at least deflategate might be over now.

Among the worst stories in sports reporting history. Way too dragged out and the same people saying the same stuff every single day about it too. It was absured.

Don’t worry: Brady gets a little rest, comes back at it in October and the real season starts. Last year, a healthy Patriots team would have won it all. Hell, they really should have won the AFC Championship game. But don’t harp on the past: just know what this team is capable of, it’s more fun that way.

It just seems doubtful this guy wouldn’t be more motivated than ever for ring number five.

That should get everyone pumped up for this NFL season, even if Brady is sitting out the first four games. Still a solid team. He’s just what makes them great.

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