Tom Brady deflategate ad is priceless

Now that deflategate is over, is everyone ready to have a laugh about it?

It’s still terrible. It still should not have happened. But that New England Patriots are in a good spot and Tom Brady has been excellent in his return. It doesn’t really make up for his suspension though. It’s nice it’s over. Certainly, no one wishes it happened and Brady could not be too happy about it.

But he did make light of it. He did do a commercial for Foot Locker that clearly is talking about deflategate. And because he might be the greatest New England Patriot of all-time, here is a look at it.

Excellent ad. Better than his Ugg ads. That’s the best way to sum it up. Some things can just be great — except people seem to hate the Patriots and just about every other team that has endured great success over the years.

Think for a minute: why does everyone hate the Dallas Cowboys? No. It’s not because they went 8-8 for like four straight years earlier this decade. It’s because they won three Super Bowls in the 1990’s. Why does everyone hate the New York Yankees even outside of New England? They’ve won 27 World Series’. No other team has come close to that. LeBron James made a lot of enemies in Miami when he led the Heat to four straight NBA Finals appearances.

The truth is, people just hate to hate. And that’s what the Patriots face outside of New England, and even from some nuts in New England.

It ain’t gonna stop the Pats. They’ve only lost two games this year. One could argue they’re the best in the AFC and one could also argue this season would be a major disappointment if they don’t make it to the Super Bowl. Pats fans just got to hope there’s not another scandal.


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