Tom Brady, concussions, another NFL scandal

The New England Patriots honestly remind me of the leave Britney alone dude now…

They just can’t catch a break. If someone on the team breaths, there’s gonna be a witch hunt out from the rest of the league against them. It’s like how people hated the Dallas Cowboys in the 1990’s because they were the best team. Except the Patriots are in the midst of like a two decade run at dominance here, so this is a little more extreme.

Y’all probably saw that Gisele Bundchen–who is more rich and famous than her husband, Tom Brady, on a global scale–talking about the Patriots on national TV today. She said TB12 played through a concussion last year, and then the world pretty much blew up.

Seriously, Brady deserves a lot of credit if he was playing through one of those things and still led the Patriots to the Super Bowl and had one of the best years of his career. Plenty of concussions probably go unreported in the league–and that probably has a lot of people concerned because of some standard procedure stuff–but everyone goes through things differently. People are probably gonna argue negligence on the team doctors now and say Brady needs to be suspended again. But hey, if you suspend Brady eight games, he’ll just come back and win another Super Bowl…

I’ve played football through a concussion before. Actually like 2-3 years. It’s miserable. Having a concussion in general is miserable, but my freshman year, when I had it really bad, half our team was out so our coaches accused all the guys who were out of faking it. Anyways, it can really impact play. When I had one, I only played inside linebacker, so I did everything I could to protect my head, which is even more dangerous because you can get hurt in other spots then if you’re abandoning proper technique to make sure you don’t have any more head contact.

The other time or two was super mild, so the symptoms only lingered for like a week, and they weren’t nearly as extreme.

Moral of the story: don’t hate Brady for playing with a concussion. Sometimes, you just don’t wanna let the team down, especially if you don’t have much time left. For his health though, it’s important to do whatever he can to heal it this offseason.

Regardless, Tom Brady is probably gonna have another good year this upcoming year too. He’s an amazing football player, just the way he is…

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