This Vermont Resort Offers The Most Fun You Can Have In Winter

This Vermont Resort Offers The Most Fun You Can Have In Winter

Okemo Mountain Resort in Ludlow, Vermont offers year-round fun for the entire family. As we New Englanders know, good times can be hard to come by during the harsh winter months. 

Sure, there's skiing, tubing and snowboarding at other resorts, but Okemo offers so much more! 

For example, their Ice House boasts a regulation-sized hockey rink and recreational ice skating pavilion! No more rough, bumpy ice or dangerous ponds, the Ice House has its own ice resurfacing machine to keep the surface smooth throughout the season. There is even a gas-fueled fireplace to warm up by!

Want to see the mountain from a different point of view? How about safe and warm inside a specially-designed cabin, attached to a snowcat? Staff driven tours last just over one hour and go to the top of the mountain. Time at the summit is included to take pictures and check out the valley below.

If you'd like to experience the sensation of zipping down the mountainside, but you don't have the athleticism needed for skiing or snowboarding, give the famous Timber Ripper Mountain Coaster at Okemo's Jackson Gore a try!

The 375 vertical-foot descent flies along 3,100 feet of track at up to 25 mph - don't worry, you control your speed! You'll enjoy your scenic ride from the safety of a sled-like car as the coaster twists and turns through alpine forests and along the contours of the mountain.

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