This is the time to be alive, Patriots fans

This is the time to be alive, Patriots fans

Let's just call this what it is: it's the roast beef dinner we've been waiting months for. It's about time we got here.

This is the seventh straight AFC title game for the New England Patriots. This is the final four of the NFL and Tom Brady has made it here 12 times in his 16 seasons as a full-time starter. That's incredible. It's almost as incredible as the fact that the Patriots are playing the Jacksonville Jaguars this week. Yes. Not the Pittsburgh Steelers. The Jaguars...

That's no reason to overlook the Jaguars though. It's more the shock that they were good enough to beat Pittsburgh, who looked like they forgot how to play defense last week. So yeah, the team whose quarterback, Blake Bortles, is good for 15 picks per year is the team standing in the way of the Patriots making the Super Bowl. I'm sure most of y'all probably feel pretty good about that.

Only the Tom Brady hand injury is a scary thought but think about this: all the other times Tom Brady has been on the injury report. Like the time he cut himself and stuff. It never seems to stop him even if dopes on Twitter pretend they have special intel.

One of the real beat guys had some good news.




According to Forbes, who is all about money, the Patriots opened as a 9-point favorite against the Jaguars in this one. I mean, no guarantees here, but the Patriots aren't playing this game at Mile High Stadium. They should have an edge at Gillette Stadium, right?  Id's say so as long as no one gets sick from eating tide pods.




 I always thought that tide pod challenge was stupid--especially when wall insulation tastes just like cotton candy. Just kidding, of course.

Here's an interesting tidbit too: Case Keenum and Nick Foles are the starting quarterbacks for the two NFC Championship teams. That's two guys who were backups to start the year. Without actually saying it, do you see what I'm alluding to? 

Have to get there first though. 


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