This is not Opening Day Weather

IndiansIt’s Opening Day, one of the bigger unofficial holidays out there for baseball fans. And in Boston, it is currently snowing. Not to worry, the Red Sox are not playing at home today. Even better, they’re playing in Cleveland.

With their first pitch scheduled for 4:05 p.m. EST, it looks like 32 degrees Fahrenheit at the time of the first pitch. Oh, and there’s even a chance for some snow. Great. It was 60 on Christmas in Boston and now, it is snowing the first day the Red Sox play. And it could snow where they are playing.

This might not be the best day for hitters. David Price is pitching for the Red Sox and Corey Kluber is going for the Indians — two early Cy Young candidates. Balls just don’t fly the same when it is cold out, so that makes it tougher on hitters. And facing tough pitching definitely does not help their case either.

Luckily, the Red Sox are not playing tomorrow, since there are flurries projected into Tuesday morning in Cleveland and all-around, that looks to be a cold day.

At least it will be 54 to start their 6:10 p.m. game Wednesday because it could snow on Thursday. And if not, freezing rain is possible.

This really seems like the kind of weather that could help Rick Porcello out, but as the No. 4 starter, he will not be making a start in Cleveland. But then again, he had a pretty poor showing in the spring, so it might not help him too much.

Last year, the Indians went 81-80 (yes, they only played 161 games) and finished in third place in the AL Central. So no, they did not rock.

Sorry Drew Carey.

Even better news Red Sox fans: Brock Holt and Travis Shaw are expected to be in the Red Sox lineup today and the Ferrari (panda) will be left in the garage (his cage).


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