This Saugus Restaurant Has Amazing Theme Rooms & Fabulous Food

This Saugus Restaurant Has Amazing Theme Rooms & Fabulous Food

The Kowloon Restaurant & Cocktail Lounge in Saugus, MA identifies itself as "one of the premier multi-concept dining establishments in the United States." But what exactly does that mean?

In this case it means deliciously diverse Chinese, Japanese and Thai food, plus some of the coolest restaurant decor you've ever seen!


The Kowloon Restaurant has been a Saugus staple since 1950 when it first opened as the Mandarin House.

In 1958 it was purchased by the Lee family, and it has remained under their ownership for more than 60 years.


While they offer take out and catering, you really have to dine in to get the full Kowloon experience!


What began as a modest 50-seat eatery underwent five major additions, eventually becoming the massive 1200-guest dining experience it is today.

In addition to its dramatic exterior, the restaurant also boasts several theme rooms including:

The Luau Room with it’s famous red lanterns


The Tiki Lagoon Room with it’s mini lagoon:


The Mandarin Room:


And the Volcano Bay Room, which has a boat-themed dining area in addition to wall-to-wall volcano murals:


 After dinner, head over to Kowloon Restaurant's Komedy Club which hosts hilarious acts every Friday and Saturday night.


Check out the website's Upcoming Events page for the latest acts and showtimes.

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