These Red Sox can do it

These Red Sox can do it

It's amazing: there's probably never been a 108-win team in MLB history to get the amount of grief that this year's Boston Red Sox has so far this season.

There were so many naysayers whether it was about the bullpen, starters who didn't have great postseason track records or certain guys in the lineup who would go cold for a little while. Every baseball team has their flaws--just like every human does--but the Red Sox seem to have a lot less of them than other teams. Why do I say that? Well, because they're two wins away from winning the World Series at this point.

Their bullpen has yet to implode (Nathan Eovaldi looks great in the late innings, Ryan Brasier and Matt Barnes are getting it done, plus Craig Kimbrel has hung on to some very close ones). David Price has been dealing as of late. The offense can hit, hit, hit and then hit some more. It's very impressive. The team really is clicking right now and it's a beautiful sight.

Now, they're headed to LA for a few games and hopefully, they'll be able to end the season once and for all down there. It's not that we don't want to keep seeing them play, but the Sox need to keep up their World Series dominance. They've only lost two WS games in the 21st century. That's not as good as say the Orioles or Blue Jays who are undefeated in the World Series in that same span, but still... It's something.

Here's what would make the Red Sox winning it all this year even more special too: sticking it to Magic Johnson. The former Laker is a Dodgers owner. So yeah, we're talking a little Boston-LA rivalry. Talk about a throwback Thursday!

Stay tuned to see if the Sox can pull it off.