These Red Sox are legit contenders

This team is on fire.

Since getting their asses handed to them in a 21-2 loss to the Los Angeles Angeles Angels of Anaheim a couple weeks ago (props to Ryan LaMarre for being the one pitcher to not give up a run), the Boston Red Sox have really been playing great baseball. They are 8-1 since and they have made four moves to strengthen their team. Now, it’s safe to say: this team is legit. Watch out Major League Baseball, this team is on the rise.

Yes, they have the best lineup in baseball, but they may have one of the better rotations now. Steven Wright is a Cy Young contender, David Price has thrown well since mid-May and Rick Porcello is 11-2 with a 3.66 ERA. Not to mention an All-Star in Drew Pomeranz helps out this situation. And if Eddie Rodriguez is half of what he was yesterday — close to what he was last season — then that is a great rotation. A healthy Eddie would go a long way for this team.

Aaron Hill and Michael Martinez on the bench and Brad Ziegler in the bullpen help bolster the Red Sox’ depth woes and with Junichi Tazawa set to come off the Disabled List Tuesday, the Red Sox could run into more good news. Anyone who does not like Clay Buchholz should be happy to know he is probably going to be DFA’d at some point. He isn’t really serving a specific role anymore. He’s kind of just wasting a spot right now to be honest. The Red Sox think Sean O’Sullivan is a better starter than him, and that’s saying something.

Buchholz be like:

This morning the Red Sox are just two games out of first place, riding a six game win streak. They are just waiting for the Baltimore Orioles to screw up so they can regain hold of the division lead. And they’re going for the sweep today against the Yankees, so that’s something.


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