There's some former Red Sox players in the playoffs

There's some former Red Sox players in the playoffs

There are some Red Sox still left in the MLB playoffs, it's just that they're not members of the Boston Red Sox at this very moment.

So what does that mean? It means there are guys who have played for the team in the past who are in the playoffs right now. How about we break it down?

Roenis Elias -- Remember Elias for the Red Sox? He came over to Boston alongside Wade Miley but never quite worked out the way the team hoped. He made a whopping four relief appearances for the team in 2015 and 2016 combined before being dealt back to the Seattle Mariners. Now, the left-handed reliever is helping out the Washington Nationals.

Andrew Miller -- Speaking of left-handed relievers, here is a guy you are probably more familiar with in Red Sox history. Converting Miller to relief is the one thing Bobby Valentine did right during his Red Sox managerial tenure. It has extended his career to the point where he's a reliable arm for the St. Louis Cardinals now.

Josh Reddick -- The team's right fielder after JD Drew, Reddick showed some modest promise in 2011 before being dealt to the Houston Astros alongside Kyle Weiland for Mark Melancon. He's done better outside of Boston and already has a World Series ring with the Astros (from 2017)

Wade Miley -- And who could forget this Red Sox legend? He had a decent season in 2015, his one and only year with the team. Since then, he has bounced around quite a bit, but he's helping the Astros win ballgames. Good for him. If it didn't work out, at least he could be a farmhand.

Oh yeah, and then there's the New York Yankees who don't actually have anyone to mention here. Just another reason to not like the Evil Empire, I suppose.

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