There really is no rest for the wicked fast…

Unless you blocked us on social media, unsubscribed from our email, and stayed off our website, you know that our very own Bryon Patten ran this year’s Boston Marathon. He decided to run with just 40 days to train, and so began his No Rest For The Wicked Fast campaign.

We’re happy to say that Bryon ran and finished the Marathon, but not without a major speed bump.

On Easter Sunday, Bryon donned his Sunday Best Boat Shoes and went about his day. After a few hours, he noticed his feet were starting to itch. He didn’t think much of it, figuring it was just Athlete’s Foot. But later that night, Bryon’s feet were covered in painful blisters and burns. This was not your run-of-the-mill Athlete’s Foot. After a few hours of panicking, googling, and trips to the pharmacy, he discovered he had a chemical burn from his Boat Shoes. (Graphic image below)

What was he going to do? How was he supposed to run? How was he even supposed to put on sneakers? After a serious pep talk from his wife, Lauren, he decided he had to try.

The next morning, Bryon headed down to Hopkinton and made a beeline for the medical tent. “Are you really going to run?” the medics asked. “How did you say this happened?” They all started at his feet in disbelief. Eventually, they got him bandaged up, wished him good luck, and sent him on his way. Bryon had a huge crowd cheering him on, including his son, Logan.

His slogan changed from No Rest For The Wicked Fast, to No Rest For The Wicked Blistered, and after the first three miles Bryon said his feet went numb and he was able to power through. We found him at mile 22, all smiles, barely out of breath. He even stopped for a Chowdaheadz selfie.

A few miles later, he reached the finish line. He averaged a 8:32 minute mile and finished in 3:43:30, the third best time for all of Woburn.

With your help, he was able to reach his goal and help kick cancer to the curb. Thank you to everyone who donated and showed support. We are wicked proud of BP, and can’t wait till next year… hopefully without the chemical burns!

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