There Is A Top Notch Steakhouse Hidden Inside This Boston Bar

There Is A Top Notch Steakhouse Hidden Inside This Boston Bar

JM Curley consistently shows up on various lists of Boston's best bars, but did you know there is also a secret 20-seat steakhouse hiding in the back?

A burgundy curtain and a large sign marked, "Adults Only," separates Bogie's Place from JM Curley. It's kind of a "Steakhouse Speakeasy" if you will.

Named for the great Humphrey Bogart, Bogie's Place is reminiscent of old Hollywood simplicity: Great food. Great drinks. No nonsense.

Meals are served a la carte with a wedge salad or appetizer choices like caviar, charcuterie & cheese, or mussels with white wine to start.

Hand-carved steaks can be adorned with decadent bone marrow and foie gras butter.

Select a grass-fed filet, NY strip, 28 oz. Porterhouse, or a 45-day dry-aged bone-in Tomahawk steak.

Sorry vegetarians, Bogie's idea of light fare is half a chicken or a rack of lamb!

After your Chef's Choice dessert, stay for a superior cocktail before rejoining the masses at JM Curley.

They offer a handful of beers, several wine options, and top-shelf liquors expertly mixed into modernized versions of classic cocktails.

Try the Shakespeare-inspired, Pour Yorick (smoked old fasioned), made with Rittenhouse 100 proof Rye, Angostura Bitters, Turbinado Cane Sugar, Bourbon Soaked Cherry Wood Chips, Flamed Orange Zest. It's poured from a smoking skull!

If you've come to party, order up the Absinthe Fountain It's served table-side for up to six guests.

Family-friendly restaurants have their place in Boston culture, but every now and then grown-ups need to be grown-ups in a kid-free indulgent environment. Bogie's Place definitely scratches that itch!

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