Theis injury could help Robert Williams see action

Theis injury could help Robert Williams see action

The Boston Celtics had a little bit of a setback, but the team's head coach, Brad Stevens, seems to have some confidence that the team will be able to weather the storm.

Daniel Theis had the big foot injury that has him out for two weeks and you know what? That's unfortunate. It's not like he's out there playing 20-25 minutes per game, but he is a solid depth player and gives the team an option up front. That's always a plus.

However, that time off for Theis gives an opportunity to Celtics rookie first round pick Robert Williams. He should be able to get more playing time because of this and when asked by the media about it, Brad Stevens seemed on board with the idea.

"It's just something that, as those times come, he needs to stay the course and take advantage of his opportunities," Stevens told MassLive. "We're thrilled with the progress he's made and we do think that as time goes on, he can really help us. He has a great attitude about everything and I think he's learned a lot from Al, Baynes and Daniel. But who knows? It could all change. He could be playing a lot by next week, knock on wood. Hopefully, we will have all of our bodies, but you never know."

I mean, if you draft a guy in the first round, he should be getting some minutes on the court, right? It was a good pick for sure, but the C's have so much talent that they didn't really need anyone from this draft if you think about it. However, getting more talent doesn't hurt, so let's see what this guy can do out there. There's a reason why he is on the team, after all. Can't wait to see what happens.

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