The Yankees are projected to come in first!?

The Yankees are projected to come in first!?

Sometimes, you just have to question the experts and this might be one of those cases...

FanGraphs' site lists projected MLB standings for this season--and they have the New York Yankees winning 98 games and taking home the AL East title. Meanwhile, they project the Red Sox will win 95 games and win the Wildcard. Plus, Baseball America has the Yankees coming in first place so yeah, there's some doubt cast in the Red Sox direction by baseball media.

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, and it's fair to say the Yankees will be a better ballclub this season--even with Luis Severino out to start the season. Remember, Aaron Judge got hurt last year and Gary Sanchez and Giancarlo Stanton had down years. But that does not mean anyone should be counting the Red Sox out.

This is still a very strong Red Sox ballclub--and virtually identical to the one that won 108 games last season. Is it concerning that Craig Kimbrel isn't with the organization anymore? Of course, but what has been done is done and by the trade deadline, the Red Sox will probably have someone (whether they solve this thing internally or they go out and grab someone who can pitch the ninth).

Honestly, health will probably be a big determining factor as to which team ends up in the first place column and which one has to play in the wildcard game. That's a pretty generic take but if you think about it, teams need their top guys on the field to win games--and both of these teams have plenty of talent.

Some might wonder if the Tampa Bay Rays will factor into the division after winning 90 games last year. The answer is: maybe? We'll see if their opener strategy was a one-hit wonder now that teams have more intel on it...

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