The 8 Kinds of Fans You Will See On Opening Day At Fenway Park

The 8 Kinds of Fans You Will See On Opening Day At Fenway Park

 The 2018 Red Sox season will begin on the road for the sixth time in the past seven years. On Thursday, March 29 they will take on the Tampa Bay Rays in St. Petersburg, Florida before returning home to Boston for Fenway's opening day on April 5.

As Yawkey Way opens up to welcome fans to America's most anticipated season opener, there are 8 distinct types of fans you may run into.

1. The Entertainer

This is the guy (or gal) who paints their face navy and red, dances for the jumbotron and belts out the lyrics to Sweet Caroline and Dirty Water.

2. The Heckler

This gentleman or lady loves the Sox so much that any player for the opposing team becomes Public Enemy #1 and the target of his or her ridicule.

3. The Drinker

The Drinker spends the majority of his time searching for the Budweiser - or Sam Adams - vendor rather than watching the game. He mostly just came to party.

4. The Unofficial Mascot

You will recognize this fan by the sheer number of Red Sox garments and accessories they manage to pack into one outfit. From the hat all the way down to the socks, the Unofficial Mascot will be decked out enough to put Wally himself to shame!

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5. The First Timer

This little fan-in-training may be more focused on her toes than the action on the field, but that will all change in a few years. After all, she was "Born Into It!"


6. The Throwback

This old timah has been following the Sox since Hector was a pup! He even remembers when they were called the Boston Red Stockings. Expect to see him rocking a throwback jersey and an authentic fitted wool cap.

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7. The Fever Pitch Fan

Watch out for the Fever Pitch Fan! He or she knows every stat and fun fact dating back to 1901 - and isn't afraid to share them with you! 

8. The Out-Of-Towner

The elusive Out-of-Towner fan may be difficult to spot. Look for tan legs and a relaxed demeanor despite the city barely having emerged from another frigid, soggy winter. Anyone who isn't pasty-faced and on-edge must be from out-of-town!


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