The World's Largest Bounce House Is Coming To Boston

The World's Largest Bounce House Is Coming To Boston

Take 33 big steps forward, turn 90 degrees to your right, and take another 33 big steps. Now you have an idea just how big America's Largest Bounce Castle really is! 

Big Bounce America is a 10,000 square foot behemoth, and it will be making its way to Revere, Massachusetts this July.

Best of all? It's adult-friendly! Yep, that's right. During certain times, adults can channel their inner child, and bounce to their heart's content!

Big Bounce holds the Guinness World Record for largest bounce castle.  But this is no ordinary castle.  The open-air arena features slides, a basketball court, climbing towers, confetti blasts, and a DJ in the center to keep the party hopping all day long. 

New this year, Big Bounce will feature two expansion elements. “The Giant” is 900 additional feet of fun, and "airSPACE" soars 25-feet high and comes with a 5-person slide, maze, and moonwalk ball pits. 

Big Bounce arrives July 5th thru 7th and again on the 12th thru 14th

For safety's sake, the bounce times are broken up by age range, including toddler (3 and under), junior (7 and under), bigger kid (15 and under) and adults (16 and up). 

Parents and guardians are welcome to help little ones during any of the sessions. Prices range from $16 to $30 which includes all three attractions.

Tickets can be purchased online or by calling Frederick’s Park in Revere. 

Don’t miss this opportunity to tire out the little ones or relive some adult stress as you hop and explore this one of a kind inflatable palace!

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