The Winter Classic was "eh"

The Winter Classic was "eh"

Anytime the Bruins can pick up a win, it has to be chalked up as a win--because that is the way the world works.

However, their win on New Year's Day had a little extra special meaning since it was the Winter Classic. They played a pretty solid game overall as they ousted the Chicago Blackhawks 4-2 at the one and only Notre Dame Stadium.
Sure, it was a solid way for the team to start off 2019 but let's be real: this will probably go down as one of the less memorable Winter Classics.

After all, the Blackhawks really aren't a good team this season, so the Bruins were expected to win the game with ease. Plus, the weather was pretty ideal for an outdoor hockey game. It wasn't ridiculously warm or cold but more importantly, it was overcast, so there was not some insane glare on the ice.

It's not like the Fenway Park one where the game went into overtime and Shawn Thornton got into a fight and all that. It's not even like the Gillette Stadium one where the Bruins played the Montreal Canadiens, their natural rival. This was still a cool game, but it doesn't have the same gut feeling as those other two.

Perhaps that is the hometown bias speaking because the game was not played in Mass but then again, a Yankee Stadium game or something like that would be cool as well.

Oh yeah, and according to a bunch of people on twitter, the venue vastly underestimated how much food and beer they needed for the game. That said, they ran out of it midway through the game. Whoever did that math really needs to fess up because odds are, they're getting canned--unless it's like the teacher's pet of the whole joint. Then, a public apology would probably be suffice. 

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