Find Fun & Fossils At Deerfield's Rock, Fossil & Dinosaur Shop

Find Fun & Fossils At Deerfield's Rock, Fossil & Dinosaur Shop

Pan for treasure, explore mine shafts, excavate sand pits, and see dinosaurs in the very location they once roamed.

The Rock, Fossil & Dinosaur Shop in Deerfield, MA is an awesome attraction for kids and adults to learn about the prehistoric world that existed right in our own backyard 65-220 millions years ago. 

Walk among extinct giants on five acres of lush property featuring 25 full-size species of dinosaur including a 21′ long Stegosaurus, a 24′ wing-spanned Pteranodon, a Pachycephalosaurs, Anklyosaurus, a T-Rex Head, and more.

Dinosaur Forest comes complete with ambient noise and educational plaques detailing the lives of each dinosaur. 

Along the way, search for fossils and footprints in the excavation pits and snap some photos in front of the brand new 3D Dinosaur Wall.

Best of all? Dinosaur Forest is FREE and open to the public!

Continue your adventure by panning for gemstones - anything you find is yours to keep! The staff even provide an identification guide to spark children's interest in geology, paleontology, and archaeology.

Of course no trip to the shop is complete without checking out the gift shop. You'll find toys, treats, and gifts including casts from prehistoric times, fossils, rocks and gemstones from around the world.

You can even crack open your own geode right on site!

They also have a selection of salt lamps, essential oils, soaps, incense, and more.

The Rock, Fossil & Dinosaur Shop is open weekends (Saturday & Sunday) only from 10am-5pm. Plan your visit today!

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