The Red Sox lineup has some slackers in it

The Red Sox lineup has some slackers in it

It's the second half of the Boston Red Sox season and guess what: they keep on winning ballgames. It's been very impressive to witness on a nightly basis. These guys just keep winning ballgames even if a few players falter.

At the same time, you will then just have other people picking up the slack. It's really what the whole concept of a team is all about; they are embracing it. With that in mind, how about we take a look at how things are going for some of their hitters who have been slacking in the second half.

Brock Holt -- Holt is not an everyday player and we know from his career, he is the kind of guy who fades if he plays too much. That has been the case with him in a near everyday role; in 13 games played in the second half, he was hitting .079 in 38 at-bats.

Sandy Leon -- Again, he's more there for his defense and isn't really an MLB starter. If Christian Vazquez were healthy, he'd be the guy. Instead, you have Leon hitting .132 with 1 RBI in 12 second half games.

Xander Bogaerts -- Yeah. Xander's slumping in the second half. Shocker. In the past, Rico Petrocelli has said Xander gets a little pull-happy sometimes, so that could help explain the .204 average and zero home runs through.

Mitch Moreland -- Another year means another cold second half from Moreland, apparently. Last year, he it least had the toe injury as an excuse. But now, what's the excuse for hitting .186 in 11 second half games? We shall wait for it.

It's just a shame not every hitter can be JD Martinez or even Tony Renda. It's just amazing that we can pull out nearly half the Red Sox lineup, say they're slacking and yet, the team keeps on winning.


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