The Red Sox have a ton of injuries right now

The Red Sox have a ton of injuries right now

Fact: the Boston Red Sox have the best record in the big leagues.

Another fact: the Red Sox might also be the team who is the worst off in terms in health. These two things are true at once proving that health is not always a factor when it comes to team success. They just got Blake Swihart and Rafael Devers back from the Disabled List and they still have a bunch of dudes on there. Don't believe me? Let's break it down:

Dustin Pedroia -- The 2008 AL MVP has been out for basically the entire season with a knee injury.

Ian Kinsler -- The dude the Sox got at the deadline to help them out at second base suffered a hamstring injury just three games into his Red Sox career.

Eduardo Rodriguez -- He's been a mainstay in the team's rotation over the past few seasons, but he's out until at least September with an ankle injury.

Carson Smith -- He was supposed to have setup man type stuff but he's out for the year because he just keeps getting hurt. He got hurt throwing his glove this time though. Not a fan of his at all.

Steven Wright -- The 2016 is out too! He's another guy with a knee injury. Oh yeah, and he throws a knuckleball too, so he's valuable as both a starter and a reliever.

Christian Vazquez -- The team's actual starting catcher is dealing with a finger injury. He's a top-notch defender, but he's been out the entire second half.

Marco Hernandez -- Hernandez is out the entire season with a shoulder injury, but even he is a .284 hitter in 109 big league at-bats. Plus, he's a versatile infielder which is good.

So there you have it: the Red Sox are dealing with a ton of injuries and yet, they still have the best record in baseball.

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