The Red Sox could use Rusney Castillo right about now

The Red Sox could use Rusney Castillo right about now

The Red Sox should really be thinking outside of the box right now.

Just look at them; they're a good team that could be even better. They'd be better if the bottom half of their lineup included some competent MLB caliber bats. How many times do we have to go over this? Blake Swihart, Jackie Bradley Jr., Christian Vazquez and others really haven't hit this seas. BUT... there is a solution!

Remember that Rusney Castillo guy the Red Sox are still paying a bunch of money to but are too cheap to call up because then they'd have to pay a luxury tax penalty? Well, maybe they should reconsider that option. After all, John Henry doesn't really seem to care about throwing his money in the trash when it comes to the Boston Globe, so why should he care here?

Castillo is the PawSox best hitter this season. He is hitting .313 with a .346 OPS, .776 OPS, four home runs, seven stolen bases and 19 doubles. That's solid.

He primarily plays centerfield, although he's played right field a handful of times too, and really hits left-handed pitching well, something which the Red Sox have not done this year.

So, the question is: why not? How could Castillo make things worse? He's going to be 31 in July and he's still getting paid regardless. He probably has a little more baseball sense than he did the last time he was up with the Red Sox. It's not his fault they agreed to pay him more money than he was worth. The Red Sox got duped by Jay-Z and that whole Roc Nation thing.

It's frustrating knowing that there's a guy who could outperform the Red Sox current CF who is rotting away in Triple-A. Let's start a movement to get this guy called up.

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