The Red Sox are willing to spend more money

The Red Sox are willing to spend more money

Finally, the Boston Red Sox are showing they’re willing to do what they need to do to win a World Series, or at least contend for one.

Previously, the ownership group, which owns a soccer team and a newspaper that doesn’t actually make any money decided they were not going to spend past a certain point. Remember how they said they wouldn’t call up Rusney Castillo because they didn’t want to exceed the luxury tax threshold? Well, guess what? They appear to have changed their minds--because they already exceeded that mark.

No, that doesn’t mean they will call up Rusney Castillo (they could, but it’s not the point). The point is that Red Sox CEO Sam Kennedy recently told NBC Sports Boston that under the proper circumstances, the team is willing to cross even the $237 million mark. Keep in mind, teams have to pay a luxury tax (penalty) after spending at least $197 million.

So yeah, the Red Sox are willing to spend money. That’s great because they need a starting pitcher if they want to contend in the postseason, most likely. Rick Porcello and David Price have ERA’s above 4.00. Eduardo Rodriguez, Drew Pomeranz and Steven Wright are all hurt (none of them have ever made 32 starts in an MLB season). Oh, and Chris Sale is great so that’s one good.

Also, keep in mind, the Red Sox could use some bullpen help. Specifically, a left-handed reliever would be nice because they don’t really have a competent one. With all due respect to Brian Johnson, he is more of a No. 5 starter, preferably for another team. It’s a great depth piece, but winning a ring with him as the only lefty reliever on the roster just does not seem plausible. Soon enough, we will find out their evil plan.

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