The Red Sox are making GREAT moves

The Red Sox are making GREAT moves

The Boston Red Sox are making moves. They deserve credit.

Over the weekend and on Monday, the Red Sox shook up their roster a bit -- in a good way.

The big one was the Andrew Cashner deal. They sent a pair of 17-year-old Dominicans to the Baltimore Orioles for Cashner. This season, Cashner has a 3.82 ERA in 17 starts.

I'll give that deal an A. Why not? It's an established AL East pitcher who has outperformed everyone in the Red Sox pitching rotation with the exception of David Price. And now, he no longer as to face the Red Sox offense, so in theory he is in better shape (except the whole pitching at Fenway half of the time thing). A lot of players really struggle when they come to Boston, so we'll see how it goes. On paper though, it's looking good.

And then Monday the Red Sox kept it rolling. They dumped Eduardo Nunez for good. Designated for assignment. Adios.

Nunez had a -2.4 WAR (wins above replacement) between the 2018 and 2019 seasons. If you don't know what that means, it means you could call a guy up from Triple-A and he'd be more productive than this guy (replacement level players are like Mauro Gomez, Jeff Bailey, Tzu-Wei Lin, etc).

Steven Wright got put on the IL. Oh, and they finally optioned Hector Velazquez to Triple-A Pawtucket. Thank the deity of your choice. That was a great move. Velazquez made a bunch of terrible 2-3 inning starts that burned the bullpen. Definitely not gonna miss that at all.  And obviously, there's a lot of folks who don't like Steven Wright and don't think he should pitch in the bigs ever again, so this is looking really good.

Ryan Weber, Andrew Cashner and Sam Travis will occupy these newly opened roster spots. Not so enthused about Weber and Travis, but they couldn't be worse...

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