The Red Sox are falling apart

The Red Sox are falling apart

Let's be real: this isn't how any of us expected the Boston Red Sox season to be going at this point.

Through 19 games, they're 6-13. Do you know how many games it took for the Red Sox to lose 13 games last year? 41! That's more than twice the number that it took this year. The pitching staff is not delivering and honestly, neither are the hitters. Injuries are a problem, as is them being 8.5 games back in the standings this early in the season.

And that's what we should be focusing on right now: the big series which lies ahead. The Tampa Bay Rays have a healthy lead in the division right now. They've taken a step forward with all of the talent they have, and they now have the opportunity to blow past the Red Sox and knock them out of division contention. That's why this upcoming series is so vital for the Red Sox.

Regardless of how the Rays do against the Orioles Thursday, they could essentially end the Red Sox season with a sweep this weekend.

Think about it: the Red Sox would be 11-12 games back. Sure, there'd be a lot more baseball to be played, but it would be an awful tone set to be 6-16 and to have the worst record in the AL East. The team is currently on pace to win 51 games, so it is very hard to be optimistic about them at this time.

So yeah, it's definitely hard to be optimistic about the Red Sox at this given time--because they haven't earned it. Getting off to a bad start is hard to recover from, so it will be an uphill battle for them for the rest of the season. Let's hope they can dig themselves out of it.

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