The Red Sox and Yankees will play on TURF in London

The Red Sox and Yankees will play on TURF in London

This is just getting to be downright ridiculous at this point.

For those of us who are truly engaged with the Boston Red Sox season, the focus is probably on whatever team they are playing at that given moment as well as the standings. Right now, that would be the Toronto Blue Jays. It's perfectly fine for people to not pay full attention to everything that's going on with them. However, it is not OK what the United Kingdom is doing to the Red Sox next month.

Some people might be excited for the Red Sox series against the New York Yankees in London. That's fine. People are entitled to their opinions. But they made the announcement that the game is going to be played on an artificial turf field. That's never happened in a Red Sox-Yankees series ever. Why would it?

Neither team has ever played their home games on turf. I don't know about you, but that doesn't sit well with me. They're taking tradition and just throwing it into the ocean.

Oh yeah, and the two London games somehow count as Red Sox home games. So yeah, the Red Sox are only playing 79 games at Fenway Park this season.
Given the dogfight that is the AL East at the moment, that is a serious disadvantage. It's a tight three team race that could come down to one or two games separating teams from making the playoffs and missing the cut.

Whatever though. There's nothing we can do about it at this point. It's just stupid to put the team at a disadvantage.

Other than that, the Red Sox have been solid lately. They're playing winning baseball despite their slow start. Dump Colten Brewer and Tyler Thornburg and the bullpen should be in pretty good shape. That's for sure.

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