The Red Sox and this year's World Series

The Red Sox and this year's World Series

OK, since the World Series is going on and the Boston Red Sox are the reigning World Series champs, that means there is an excuse to talk about them and the World Series in a blog post. Let's take full advantage of the situation.

The Houston Astros are probably going to win the World Series this year, if we're being honest; they're currently up in the series 3-2, but that does not change the fact that the Red Sox won it last year.

There is a downside if Houston wins though. That will mean they won the World Series twice in the 2010s. That's the same number of times the Red Sox have won it in the decade. Remember, the Red Sox also won a World Series in 2013 (who could forget? It was legendary) and the Astros took home the crown in 2017 (Alex Cora was actually the bench coach for that team -- which in a sense made it a very Red Sox-y win).

I guess the Astros winning the World Series would be good for Josh Reddick and Wade Miley but honestly, who cares about those guys after the Astros drama of last week? Would be better for the game of baseball if a team like the Washington Nationals, which has never won the World Series, won it.

Sadly for the Red Sox, the San Francisco Giants take the crown among 2010s baseball teams. You wouldn't think it based on the way the past few seasons went but remember, they won thrice: 2010, 2012 and 2014. No other team can say they did that.

So yeah, plan on the Red Sox winning the World Series in 2020. Actually, I have no idea. the division is going to be tough next year, as we saw this year already. Should be interesting though.

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