The Presidential Library gets a SB 51 Ring

Remember that time Donald Trump sacked Matt Ryan in the fourth quarter of the Super Bowl and put the Falcons out of field goal range? Or maybe that was Trey Flowers. I don’t know and won’t sweat the minor details. Ultimately, it doesn’t really matter though since they both received Super Bowl rings for their efforts, according to former longtime White House Director of Communications Anthony Scaramucci on Twitter.

That’s right. POTUS himself, the president, was presented a ring by his friend Robert Kraft–for some reason. Actually, there’s a pretty good non-political reason for it (I hate politics): it’s a gift that is going to the presidential library which means it shall remain there whether the White House is red, blue, or even that green rainbow party we have in Massachusetts that is a complete oxymoron. It’s pretty much a display item for a museum. I think everyone can agree that’s pretty cool.

Certainly, the United States deserves a chance to forever remember the greatest football game ever played. I mean, a 28 point comeback in the second half. That kind of stuff doesn’t just happen. That’s what happens when the greatest football team ever created goes out and plays their hearts out. I don’t think we will see a better Super Bowl in our lifetimes, and it is important that people remember that for a long, long time.

Plus, the US government should definitely have a Super Bowl ring if the Russian one has one.

That’s right. If you didn’t know, the Russian dude, Vladimir Putin, who is apparently nasty at hockey, has a ring from Kraft ring too. Actually, no, he essentially took Kraft’s Super Bowl XXXIX ring. Seriously though, I don’t even know what a Russian dude would want with that when he didn’t earn it and football isn’t popular in his country and he probably has a ton of rings.

There’s not really anything special about that Super Bowl anyways. It’s not like it was Brady’s first Super Bowl, his second Super Bowl, a major comeback win or a game that was saved by an end zone interception and had Katy Perry kill it at the halftime show.

The Mooch-man unfortunately said he doesn’t think the government will be able to get that ring back from Russia.

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