The Patriots got the troubled Antonio Brown

The Patriots got the troubled Antonio Brown

Alright, while I was really looking forward to writing about the New England Patriots wrecking the Pittsburgh Steelers in week one, the time to cover that has probably passed already and unfortunately, there's a bigger story that needs to be addressed.

The team took it upon themselves to sign Antonio Brown when he finally got released by the Oakland Raiders in a move that really seemed to divide Patriots fans.

Brown is a great player, there is no doubt about it but his character and attitude seem to be some points of contention among people. He missed a pair of practices from the Oakland Raiders unexcused during camp and got fined $54k for it. So, he decided to flip out at the team's GM Mike Mayock last week and threaten to punch him amid a flip out. This was unacceptable behavior, so the team fined him $215k and took away the guaranteed clause of his contract. Brown then demanded his release and the Patriots sign him.

And then on Tuesday this week, three people accused Brown of sexual assault. It's a very heavy subject, so we'll link to the report so people can read it for themselves and keep an eye out for updates on the situation.



I get the Patriots want to sign the best talent possible to win games, but it's pretty unacceptable to threaten someone with violence at work. It teaches bad lessons to children to allow that stuff to happen so ultimately, it's kind of a shame the Patriots made this move when they already had a team that is likely capable of winning a Super Bowl. They didn't need Brown, but now they are associated with him as the team that signed him. It's not a good way to please the fans, so we shall see how it all ends up playing out in the end.

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