The Patriots got Corey Coleman for some odd reason

The Patriots got Corey Coleman for some odd reason

A lot of people have said that there is no one to throw to for Tom Brady and the New England Patriots. The answer is that they are wrong because Rob Gronkowski is somebody. But yeah, they did add an intriguing name to the mix this week.

Corey Coleman is the newest Patriots wide receiver. They scooped him up as a free agent for some reason. Maybe they think there’s something there. He was a first round draft pick (by the Cleveland Browns) back in 2016 so who knows? We shall see if there’s something in his tank of if the Browns actually had good judgement for once.

To date, Coleman’s NFL career has not gone especially well. In 19 games over two seasons, he has caught 56 balls (despite being targeted 131 times (meaning his catch rate is in the low 40s)) for 718 yards and five touchdowns. He’s only 24 years old now but good Lord, that’s pretty rough--even for someone on the Browns.

What’s interesting about this 2015 Biletnikoff Award winner is that he was traded to the Buffalo Bills in exchange for a 2020 seventh round draft pick--and the Bills cut him. This should make one a little weary here. The Bills were willing to admit defeat on the trade so quickly for a guy who was a first rounder two years ago. Not to mention the Browns sold on him for extraordinarily low money and even still, they won that trade.

There is no doubt Coleman is a fine athlete and was a star college football player, but it’s just hard to see this one working out as some amazing 4D chess move by the Pats. If it does, well that would be just wonderful. If not, then oh well. Maybe catching passes from Tom Brady will mean he can do something a little better--especially now that he has more NFL experience.

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