The Patriots are back at it again!

The Patriots are back at it again!

The New England Patriots made it to the Super Bowl again.

Can you honestly say you are surprised? No. The answer is no. You cannot.
We predicted the Patriots were going to beat the Chiefs but then again, so did probably every Patriots fan, so there's not any credit to take.

Anyways, the team will play their fourth Super Bowl in five years and their first one against the LA Rams since they moved to Los Angeles. You may remember what happened the first time these two crazy kids played one another in a Super Bowl (back when the Rams played in St. Louis).

But yeah, it's hard to say what others have not said already. Tom Brady is 41 years old and still doing big things. He really is the greatest quarterback of all-time and I know y'all already know that, we just want to make it even more clear.

It's hard to knock the Rams in any significant way either though. They've averaged nearly 5 yards per carry this season. Jared Goff is one of the better quarterbacks in the NFL, but the team did let up 24 points per game on defense, so I guess you could say they're not an elite defense, but they're not bad either.

If Tom Brady gets his sixth Super Bowl ring, then anyone who has ever doubted him should never be allowed to watch football ever again unless they repent and even then, they better only say nice things about him. Same goes for the rest of the Patriots.

The Westgate has the Patriots as 1.5-point favorites right now--which is very tight--but hey, at least they're giving respect to the team who deserves it.

Regardless of what happens, it should be a good game and the Pro Bowl will not be, so let's just get this very long time before the Super Bowl over already.

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