The New England Patriots are steamrolling

The New England Patriots are steamrolling

When it comes to the New England Patriots, we don't really need to say much because we already know so much about them. The 2019 Patriots are a special team -- and I mean that in the way that the team has been special for a long time now. Only this time, it is even more special than it has been in past years -- which is saying something.

Think of it this way: the Patriots are off to a 7-0 start this season. I would agree with you that this is pretty good. Now, they are playing a team who is struggling this season on Friday: the Cleveland Browns.

So far this season, the Browns are a 2-4 club, which means the Patriots should absolutely beat them on Sunday.

According to the sports betting website, the Patriots are 12.5 point favorites in this bout. This is especially epic when you consider that a win would put the Patriots at 8-0 on the year. This would put them around halfway to a perfect 16-0 regular season. Not to mention the Patriots have Tom Freakin' Brady and other teams do not have that luxury.

So yeah, everything seems to be going A OK for the Patriots in 2019. Maybe there's some stuff going on behind the scenes that we are not privy to, but the scandals appear to be limited from our end which is certainly a good thing.

Oh yeah, also, here's a stat that might interest you fans. So if the Patriots offense never took a down this season, the team would be 3-3-1 because of how great their defense is (it scores points these days).

Long story short: the Patriots are good and you should be supporting them. Anyone who disagrees should get help -- because they most certainly could use it. That's for sure.

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