The Greenway Art Walk Is The Perfect Way To Enjoy A Spring Day

The Rose Kennedy Greenway in downtown Boston features over a mile and a half of public park land. While the beauty of all that greenery in the heart of the city is enough to draw a crowd, the Greenway offers so much more.

There are five individual parks within the Greenway packed with attractions such as seven different water fountains, professional horticulture, artisan markets, playgrounds, programs for children, fitness classes, outdoor movies, food trucks, a seasonal farmer’s market, and an intricately beautiful carousel!

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But the Greenway’s greatest feature may be the Art Walk. The 15 acres of park are home to a series of temporary art exhibitions commissioned by the city, including murals, sculptures and interactive sculptures.

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One such interactive installation is the Harbor Fog Sculpture in the Wharf District Park which emits mist and harbor noises whenever human movement is detected close by.

The sculpture is one of three permanent art installations at the Greenway. Harbor Fog was created by Boston artist, Ross Miller, and features three vertical stainless steel sculptural beacons inspired by Boston Harbor navigational buoys.

Another multi-year installation, the Abstract Sculpture, is located in Armenian Heritage Park. It is a split dodecahedron mounted on a reflecting pool, designed to represent the immigrant experience. The Sculpture is dedicated to lives lost during the Armenian Genocide of 1915-1923 and all genocides that have followed.

The Labyrinth, a circular winding path paved in granite and set in lawn is also located in Armenian Heritage Park. It represents life’s journey and features the symbol for eternity at its center. Art, Service, Science and Commerce are etched around its circle.

Many artists and installations have been featured as temporary displays throughout the years, including the works of Ai Weiwei, Don Kennell and Carolina Aragon.

A current trip to the Greenway will lead you past Mehdi Ghadyanloo’s extraordinary mural painted on the 76’x70′ Greenway Wall. The surrealist city-scale mural entitled, Spaces Of Hope, is the fifth mural to adorn the wall.

The work of artist, engineer, and educator, Chris Templeman is also currently featured on the Greenway. The centerpiece of his Make and Take installation is a 3D printer perched on a glowing white acrylic box.

According to the Greenway website, “Within the enclosure of the installation, which is reminiscent of both a vending machine and a museum case, plastic filament is algorithmically and mechanically composed into a rooster figurine. The work speaks to the democratization of manufacturing.”

Visit the Rose Kennedy Greenway website for a full list of upcoming art installations and other exciting events throughout the year!

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