The Celtics defense needs help

There’s a cliche about the best offense being a good defense and another one about defenses winning championships. If those are true, then the Boston Celtics are not in very good shape right now.

That’s because they’ve had one of the worst defenses in the game this season. Thus far, they have allowed 111.8 points per game through six games this season. No wonder why they are 3-3. If they want to be better than that, there has to be some sort of change — and that change needs to come on defense.

An in-depth scouting report breaks it all down. Pretty much, the Celtics are not stopping the pick and roll the same way they were last season. And they’re the smallest team in the NBA. Basketball is a height game, so that’s never a good thing. So it’s the opposite of Justin Timberlake.

Just look at the way bigger guys can shut Isaiah Thomas down on offense. Now think what happens when a smaller guy covers him. And think about that from a C’s defense perspective. Makes sense now, right?

Celtics head coach Brad Stevens might want to see some change on the Celtics defense. One thing he suggested was getting his guys to be more physical on defense. Hey, I mean, you’ve got to try to shake things up somehow because what they are doing right now just isn’t working.

Honestly, though, the Celtics might just not have a good defensive mix right now. They have talent, but their talent is mostly offensive talent. Maybe they need to add a piece or two to try to fix it. That always takes money though.

Whatever they do though, the Celtics need to do something. Their current defensive philosophy just isn’t working. And they need good defense to do well, as obvious as that sounds.

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