The Bruins need to improve

The Bruins need to improve

Tom Joyce ·

Alright, so this really is not going well for the Boston Bruins, as we talked about last week.

When a hockey team loses seven of their last eight games, that's not a good sign -- like at all. I get it, the record is still good and all that, but this is around the time where we have to start getting worried.

Yes, I know. Sometimes, teams can get into a funk and break out of it and do big things. Just look at the Washington Nationals this year. They started off the season 19-31 and ended up winning the World Series. Yeah, I know, that's baseball, but the point still stands -- kind of...

It's hard to just give up on a team that was one game away from winning the Stanley Cup last year, which is why we shouldn't do it just yet -- even if we are worried about them.

Here is the big question though: at what point do we say enough is enough and they're not going anywhere? Not saying that's soon, but like we like have to like think like about like this like stuff like...

At least the Bruins technically have an easier game coming up on their schedule. The Nashville Predators will be live in Boston playing against the Bruins on Saturday night. And guess what? The Predators have a losing record: 16-12-6. They've played 34 times and they've lost 18 times. Half of 34 is 17, so yeah...

But the question is, perhaps even the better question, is when are the Bruins going to have a nice win streak? That, I do not know the answer to. We shall see if they can pick up their play a little bit and get some momentum so that we no longer have to worry about how they are hanging in there.

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