The Bruins first few games ANNOUNCED!!!!!!!!

The Bruins first few games ANNOUNCED!!!!!!!!

Hey Bruins fans, there's good news and bad news that you must hear...

So the good news is that we're getting an idea of whomst the Bruins are going to play this season. That's pretty great, right? But the bad news is we're finding out who the Bruins are going to play at the start of the season. Confused? Allow us to explain.

So, the Bruins have to start their season against the defending Stanley Cup champs, the Washington Capitals. They'll be on the road in the DC area on October 3 playing the team who was just recently hoisting up a Stanley Cup because they're the best hockey team in the world right now.



The game might be delayed though because they can only start playing once Alexander Ovechkin finally puts this season's Stanley Cup down. Seriously, that guy needs to get a life. Winning a championship must be awesome (coming from someone who won a high school football state championship), but he's an adult. He should be a tad more mature about it.

If you want to feel even worse, then keep reading. That's because the Bruins have lost 12 straight games to the Capitals, according to 98.5 The Sports Hub. Their last win against the Caps came on March 29, 2014 which was in the 2013-2014 season. Yeah, so they're not on a good stretch against those guys.

But hey, at least the B's also get to play in the Buffalo Sabres opener the next day.



That's pretty good, right? They're not much of a threat and they have Chelmsford legend Jack Eichel, so that's a plus.

So when do the Bruins open up and who will they play



Oh no that's scary again! Make it stop!

At the risk of sounding negative, that's rough...

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