The Bruins are low-key having a great season

The Bruins are low-key having a great season

There's a lot going on in Boston sports right now. The Boston Red Sox being in the World Series is obviously the most prominent thing going on at the moment. They are in a tremendous place right now and look like they should be able to handle the Dodgers. The New England Patriots are working on yet another strong season (yes, 5-2 is good, regardless of what the blowhards on the radio have to say about it). Oh, and the Boston Celtics are the early favorite to win the NBA's Eastern Conference.

Now, normally, I'm not a big fan of whataboutisms, but let's make an exception here: what about the Boston Bruins? How are they doing? Well, we are glad you asked: they're having a phenomenal season, and it seems like they're being overlooked at the moment because there's so much going on. One could also make the case that some college sports team in the area is being overlooked too but, come on, let's be reasonable.

OK, so the Bruins are 6-2-2 through 10 games this season which has them in a first place tie with the Toronto Maple Leafs. Is it early in the season? Yes. Is there still a ton of hockey left to be playing? Yes. But is this still a good sign and an early indicator that some of the questions surrounding the team's depth and younger players may be in the process of being sorted out? Also yes.

Despite that really bad 9-0 loss out of the gate, the B's have been extremely sharp. Take that monstrosity out of there and they're allowing less than two goals per game this season while putting up over 3.5. That's impressive.
So yeah, just remember the Bruins exist and are in a good spot this season. That is all...

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