The Bruins are at a pivotal point right now

The Bruins are at a pivotal point right now

This series has been pretty good for the Bruins so far.

Tied at 2-2 through four games, it's clear: this is anyone's series still. The Bruins have a shot at it, but they could also blow it. The inverse is also true.

Luckily for the B's, and this does give them a minor edge, they will be at home on Saturday night for game five. From a logic standpoint, this means, on paper, they do have some sort of an advantage when it comes to winning the game. Not saying they definitely will, but it doesn't hurt--and that's a good thing.

And being at home in Game 5 is huge because whichever team wins the game will probably win the series. I get what happened with the Toronto Maple Leafs in the last round, but we're playing the percentages here. It's easier to win one out of two than it is to win two straight in the playoffs. That is a fact.

Whoever ends up winning this series will likely end up facing the Carolina Hurricanes since the Hurricanes are up 3-0 on the New York Islanders as of Friday morning. Again, the 2004 Boston Red Sox proved that this kind of deficit can be overcome, but we're just saying what the more likely outcome is here.

Plus, let's be honest: as New England sports fans, one has to feel some sort of connection to the former Hartford Whalers. Sure, there might be some Islanders fans in Connecticut but come on, they were the pride of Connecticut back in the day.

But yeah, the rest of the Bruins series should be quite good. It's gonna take Tuukka Rask's A game to lead the Bruins to the promised land, so we shall see what he can do over the next few games.

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