The Athletic tries RIPPING the Bruins

The Athletic tries RIPPING the Bruins

Alright, so this probably will not be the best news of the day. Whether or not it is even relevant will be up to you to decide because frankly, they could probably do fine either way...

According to The Athletic, the big sports subscription site that I really don't know anyone who actually reads or pays for, the Bruins do not have a good minor league system.

That's right: the outlet took a look at every team's farm system and ranked them in order from best to worst. The Bruins came in 29th place out of 31 teams. They're actually down two spots from last year when they were ranked 27th. Not ideal.

Here is the catch, however: the rankings aren't fair, in my opinion. You see, it only looks at guys under the age of 23 and guys who are not playing overseas. That's two caveats that literally should not matter. What should matter is the talent a team has in their organization.

Oh yeah, and keep in mind, the Bruins were legit one game away from winning the Stanley Cup last season and they have most of the same guys coming back, so I would say they are probably in decent shape--just a hunch.

Obviously, losing Ryan Donato hurt the team in the rankings as did Connor Clifton getting a year older and therefore no longer being eligible for it.

In case you wanted to know who got ranked below the Bruins, here are the two teams: the Washington Capitals and Calgary Flames.

Let's be real though: farm system or not, the Bruins are in a decent spot yet again this season. Who needs young guys when you have Zdeno Chara and Patrice Bergeron, who are proving being "old" by hockey standards is no issue. They can still cut it and do it well.

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