The 10 Wackiest Laws You Have To Obey In Maine

Maine is arguably New England’s most unique state, so it’s only fitting that it should also have the wackiest collection of laws. Here are our top 10 favorites – if you’re passing through the Pine Tree State, take heed!

1. It is illegal to catch a lobster with your bare hands.

It’s also pretty difficult without scuba gear. Lobsters prefer their water nice and chilly and therefore tend to spend their time scuttling along the sea floor at depths of 60-feet or more.

2. Exiting an airplane while it is still in the air is a fine-able offense.

And well it should be! If you survive the fall, that is.

3. You also may not push a live moose from a moving aircraft.

Most laws come about due to at least one actual event. Poor moose.

4. The most money you can legally win in a poker game is $3.00.

It sure doesn’t make for an adrenaline-packed weekend, but if you want to stay honest in Maine, $3.00 in winnings is the max!

5. You may not legally own an armadillo as a pet in Maine.

These armored fellows prefer much warmer, dryer climates like Florida and Texas. They also carry leprosy – maybe that’s why Mainers decided to outlaw them?

6. However, you can own an alligator – as long as you don’t walk it on a public street.

Gators are far more threatening to public health and even harder to come by outside of southern swamp lands, but should you fancy one as a pet, be sure to keep it on a leash!

7. Huberson, Maine forbids you to eat five potatoes without giving one to each of your pigs.

Sometimes there simply are no words.

8. The city of Waterville forbids the blowing of one’s nose in public.

Surely this one has it’s roots in public health. Before the flu vaccine was available 24 hours a day at every corner pharmacy, preventing the spread of disease was vital. And blowing your nose in public is just plain gross.

9. No matter how much they disagree with the rent increase, Rumford residents may not bite their landlords.

The law does not, however, forbid disgruntled tenants from scratching, pinching, slapping or giving their landlord a noogie!

10. If you live in Portland you may want to invest in some velcro shoes – untied laces are forbidden while crossing city streets!

While this is certainly good advice, did it have to be written into town law??

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