Source says Brandon Workman rehabbing as a long reliever

If y’all were wondering about Tommy John Surgery recoveree Brandon Workman, well here’s the answers to your prayers. For those of you who don’t care about AAAA pitchers, I understand.

The inside scoop — yes an actual source affiliated with the Portland Sea Dogs where he is rehabbing right now — has it the same way It was supposed to be last year: Workman ain’t starting a game ever again. No. He’s done there. Him going 1-10 in 2014 was an eye-opener for the Red Sox.

But, this source said the rehab stint he’s on is three inning every three days. Well, if he’s between 55-60 pitches and he’s not quite there yet, they’ll pull him. But you must understand the idea. Boy, that would be 162 innings a year if he did that at the big league level though. So why is he throwing so much? Could it be? Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Brandon Workman is gearing to be a long reliever — for now at least.

Thanks for the clarification, Tom.

Yeah, makes sense. Workman, who recently turned 28, is a big guy. Clearly he has the endurance/stamina to go deep into games. He just didn’t pitch too well as a starter or a reliever for that matter, so that and the arm thing made it clear he wouldn’t be starting games ever again or pitching in any kind of leverage situation. So yeah, at his best, the Red Sox don’t think there will be a such thing as a quality inning from him.

It won’t really matter though until he starts pitching like a big leaguer because, thus far, he’s kind of been atrocious on rehab. I can say that because he or any Workman apologists — assuming one exists — can’t refute it. 16 runs in nine rehab outings (17.1 innings). Those numbers speak for themselves though — and they speak volumes. Also worth noting: he’s not throwing as hard as he once did (for those who care about velocity).

Seeing Workman on rehab, he didn’t look to be his old self physically. But he didn’t want to do interviews so personally, he seemed the same as ever.

He could factor in as a depth guy next year if he remembers how to pitch.

Oh yeah, here’s the video of him hitting in the World Series.

He only did one thing right in that at-bat: his beard. Other than that, he kind of looked like a bum on national TV but hey, it happens.

No matter what happens to him though, he has a World Series ring. And even if his career falls right off the Edaville tracks, he was on the Red Sox 25-man roster during the World Series, so that’s part of him no one can ever, ever, ever take away from him, to paraphrase a song.

Ah, I see what you did there, Tom. Because Katy Perry and John Mayer used to be a thing. Yes, I just went there. I guess I just said what I needed to say.

OK, I’ll stop now.

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