Union Square's Highly Anticipated Bow Market Is Now Open

Union Square's Highly Anticipated Bow Market Is Now Open

According to project developer, Matthew Boyes-Watson, Somerville's brand new Bow Market was inspired by the open-air markets of Marrakech.

The stone courtyard is surrounded by two stories of small shops and eateries, with Remnant Brewing taking up the large central space.

Located in the popular Union Square neighborhood, the market officially opened this weekend, but only about half the vendors are currently operating due to final permit approvals. 

Remnant Brewing made its debut Friday night with four on tap beers. They expect to have eight brews soon. The new space boasts an outdoor patio, featuring leftover rocks from the Longfellow Bridge construction project.


The additional shops and restaurants plan to open in the coming weeks and months. Restaurants such as Jaju Pierogi and Buenas plan to feature pop-ups here and there leading up to their official launch dates.

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Other tenants include a macaron bakery, and a comfort food restaurant called Hot Box.

The retail shops at Bow Market are mostly independent boutiques, rather than larger chains. Expect shoes, jewelry, home goods and specialized gifts.


In addition to great food, unique shopping and craft beer, Bow Market will be home to the Comedy Studio and a wide selection of art thanks to a fund-matching pledge from MassDevelopment, the state’s economic development and finance agency.


Five murals are planned for the stone courtyard and one storefront will be reserved for use by a new local artist each week, rent-free.

“$10,000 of the $100,000 we’re raising will keep [the space] free for a year,” Boyes-Watson told Boston.com. “We’ll pop up a different artist every week, with an art opening every Saturday, and everything the artist sells is 100-percent their work.”

Learn more at BowMarketSomerville.com.



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