Some Red Sox predictions

Some Red Sox predictions

Baseball season is great.

There’s plenty of hype for baseball season, even when no one cares about Spring Training except myself and a few other lunatics. But now, we’re talking MLB regular season--and people are interested because the games count. That’s a good reason to care about games. With that in mind, maybe we can do some quick bold Red Sox predictions for the 2018 season.

The Red Sox will win AND lose at least 50 games this season. This one is a steaming hot take. The Red Sox will win somewhere between 50-112 games this season. I don’t know the exact number, but probably in that range.

Eduardo Nunez will hit an inside the park home run this season. He has some speed and the Rays outfield is a little over aggressive. I think it’s going to happen.

Heath Hembree gets DFA’d. He’s still somehow on the team even though opposing batters hit .289 with 10 home runs and an .803 OPS against him in around 250 at-bats last year. If they want to upgrade their bullpen, not pitching him helps.

So does Sandy Leon. He might be a Hall of Famer in our hearts, but if Leon isn’t Chris Sale’s personal catcher, then why would the Red Sox carry three catchers all season? They might not.

Craig Kimbrel gets a career-low in saves. This isn’t hating on Kimbrel, I just think Alex Cora might not always bring Kimbrel in during save situations. He may have to put out the flames in like the seventh or eighth innings which is awesome and valuable for the Red Sox, it just won’t give him as many saves.

JD Martinez hits 90 home runs. Just picture peak Barry Bonds playing 162 games at Coors Field. That’s how good I think JD Martinez is gonna be this season.

Most of the lineup will have better numbers than they did last year because of the protection they receive from Martinez in the lineup. Last year, only one regular (Mookie Betts), had an OPS of at least .800 last season. At least four guys should do that this season.

Oh, and Andrew Benintendi will be an All-Star.

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